The Little Black Dress

Little Black Dress

Every woman wants a little black dress

because it makes her look slim and trim

It is a classic piece of a wardrobe

that can be used on trips South or on cruises

It can be dressed up or down with a

fancy scarf or piece of jewelry

It is a long lasting piece and a

great investment as clothes go

“Little Black Dress” coined by Coco Chanel in 1926


Chichen Itza- Home of the Mayans

English: The Chac Mool status on top of the Te...

Chac Mool on top of the TempleThe Platform at Chichen Itza, Mexico

This image was selected as a picture of the we...
Chichen Itza, Mexico

When I visited Mexico

I went to Chichen Itza by bus

In the hot sun with my friend Madonna

Although the bus was air conditioned

It was still too warm for me

The guide was very informative

And at times brash if you asked a question

She had many artifacts for us to examine

She got us interested in buying from a silver company

That she worked for part-time

Some people went swimming instead

When we arrived at the Mayan ruins

It was very humid and scorching

We looked at all the steps to the top

And had a photo taken in front of it

Years ago people fell down all those steps

And ambulances waited at the bottom

Now no one is allowed to climb up

I got bitten by a brown recluse spider

And didn’t know it, as I was sitting under a tree

I was happy to return to the Serenis Resort

To jump in the pool and chill

La Iglesia, Chichen Itza, Yucatan

La Iglesia, Yucatan, Mexico

Mount Athos -Closer to God!

Monastery of St. Panteleimon, Mount Athos, Greece
A monastery on Mount Athos
English: Monastery Xenophontos on Athos
Monastery near Mount Athos

I never knew it existed until last night

I was watching it on 60 Minutes

Newsmakers have not been given permission to visit since 1981 until now

The monks believe they are closest to God here reading holy books and praying

They chant Lord Jesus, have mercy on me and they believe in prayer without distractions

They spend eight hours conversing with God each day

and spend only three hours sleeping

Their whole aim in life is to become closer to the Almighty

For a thousand years monks and pilgrims have come

to the monastery near the Aegean with St. Simon as its founder

It is built on rock and people are amazed that it hasn’t fallen into the sea

Men who want to stay there for life have three years to prove themselves

They can never leave and they must let go of memories of  their past life

They pray St. Paul‘s prayer, the Jesus Prayer repeatedly

There are no newspapers or radios and few telephones

At 3 a.m. a bell rings to call them to start praying in the church

The monks eat two meals, each only ten minutes long

It takes only fifteen minutes to tour the monastery quickly

It has secret places where holy artifacts are kept under many keys and no one has all four of them

The monks do not consider the items holy relics or art-just part of their holy environment

The monastery was built to honor Mary, the mother of Christ and no other woman is allowed

The Germans wanted the rare paintings and other items but the lead monk intervened

It is a horrendous trip to get to the monasteries, which are all along the cliffs

There are many footpaths to be kept cleared and food is harvested there by monks

While they work the monks chant prayers to Jesus Christ nonstop

Contour map of the Aegean, with names

Map of the Aegean with place names

Credit to 60 Minutes for all the details about Mount Athos which so intrigued and inspired me

Excellent site about Mount Athos

Wikipedia write-up about Mount Athos

The Soul Is Still Here

Our Lady of Fatima Statue at Conyers, GA, USA

English: Nativity scene


The tv reporter said

“The soul is gone out of

this place today!”

But I witnessed happy

people who enjoyed their

Christmas church service

in a community hall

And the same spirit

still existed in the smiles

and camaraderie all around

The grandchildren were there

held close in arms that love

and eyes that smile upon them

The singers and musicians

gave it their all in hymns that

have been passed down for centuries

The parishioners and priest were

jovial and energetic after

such a trying day the day before

How can anyone say because a

building burns to the ground

that the soul had gone?



Any Mummers Allowed In?

English: Mummers on Stamford High Street. Ente...
English Mummers

Tap, tap, tap go the knuckles

 on the main door of my house!

Any mummers allowed in here?

someone shouts, and the rest giggle

In they traipse in all kinds of getups

bras on the men and girdles on some

with ugly sticks in their hands

A few drinks are shared with the group

and some toe tapping Irish music is turned on

and boy, do they step er out in the middle of the floor!

The guessing goes on the whole time

the feeling to figure out if he’s a she or

she’s a he and arms get smacked to protest

The laughter and fun continue until

pillowcases or masks are unveiled and

the drinks are finished-time to move on!

Are you coming with us? someone says

and off I go to get ready in my husband’s gear

that’s been ready since the phone call earlier

Tap, tap, tap! at the next neighbour’s door

“Any mummers allowed in?” I shout and in we go!



Our Lady of Fatima Burnt to the Ground

A piece of history

gone in a wink of an eye

So many memories

down to a pile of burning embers

A wedding of your friend,  your cousin

your parents, your neighbour

A wake of your friend, your cousin,

your parents, your neighbour

How sad the heart is to

know the energy of that building is gone

All the special times- Holy Communion,

celebrations, prayers but a memory in time

The funeral home full of laughter and tears

to ease mournful parishioners is  gone

The House of God in that tiny community

is flattened by a fire in the night air

Sadness settles all around the hearts

that once filled the space with reverence and prayer