The Tiny Tartan Skirt

Postage stamp of Newfoundland, 1928. Steamship...

I visited Shamrock City for the umpteenth time

and noticed the servers wearing my old tartan skirt

the cloth slight against their tiny hips and legs

bringing back memories of the years of wearing the mini skirts

with the nuns breathing down our necks each day of high school

checking to see if the length needed attention

Often the skirts would be coupled with yellow shirts

or tartan vests and a yellow turtleneck

more clothes at the top than at the bottom

with penny loafers on my feet and nylons on my legs

the fashionable fare of our lives at St. Francis Xavier in Deer Lake

hoping that lustful young men could contain their desires

leaving us to admire ourselves in mirrors and before the watchful eyes

The past is now the present and these young girls are hoping for tips

and the owners are feeling proud of their heritage having their workers so dressed

images of a slim me smiling as I comb my long hair getting ready for the day

walking quickly towards my future with fashionable or skimpy clothing

wondering who is their right mind had decided on Newfoundland tartan

for I’m sure the Presentation Sisters did not come up with the mini skirt

making their days miserable having to keep them measured to help us keep our chastity

with the smirks of all the brazen lot of us lined up and a yard stick not far from our knees



Tawny Eagle (Aquila rapax)

Eagle (Photo credit: Moosealope)

is for the birds!

Fly away and see the world

Empty bank coffers and travel afar

Downsize your home and live simply

Eat healthy foods and extend your life

Make new friends wherever you go

Soar high like the eagles!

Turning Off The Phone,TV and Computer


Just think for one day

could you live without knowing

the news of your town or country or world?


Do you really need to be stressed with

accidents that happen to people you don’t know

and make you feel miserable that someone died?



facebook (Photo credit: sitmonkeysupreme)

Are you living your life depending on the

television and the internet to fill your mind

with so many details and information that is unrelated to you?


If you are checking your Facebook, blog or Twitter accounts

and don’t move your body, are you thinking about

your one thousand friends’ news or your own life?



I met a woman the other day and she said she lived in the forest for six years, in a shack.  She had no phone or tv or computer. She brought some books with her and these were her entertainment, when she desired any.  I just got to thinking and wondered….what would it be like to turn off all our phones, televisions and computers for just one day?


Children Must Wonder

Happy Children Playing Kids

Innocent Looking Children Having Fun

Living life with an open mind

seeing it with a childlike wonder

and feeling they can handle

anything that comes their way

alone or with the help of others

Living in a world that has

both good and evil living side by side

neighbours not always getting along

streets where violence and gangs exist

countries that fight against each other

Living where parents don’t always agree

brothers and sisters pitted against each other

children brought into the world unwanted

homes needed for battered women

food stamps and food banks required

Living where innocence is lost

when children’s brains develop differently

some do not get hugs and guidance

basic needs are neglected by others

children must wonder why is this happening to us

LG office passes out groceries with Second Har...

Food Banks Help Many Families

Dance around in your bare feet

Funk Dance 7

Dancing In Bare Feet

Ok... you have GOT to hear the story of why my...
Dancing Uninhibited

You don’t need to know any particular steps

Or employ an Irish dancer to help you step it out

You just need your favorite music and a little space

Where you feel a release of energy through your body

And the will to move to the words and instruments

In a vacant room or a place you feel uninhibited and free

Peace To You and Peace To Me

She stood proudly by her tree

that was planted to remember

She put her fingers up to say

Peace She Says To All of Us

peace to everyone-to you and me

As she stood lovingly with her little sister

she looked around to see me

I took her picture to remember

this house, this time and Kerissa with her tree

Her little sister wanted to take ownership,too

but she was reminded that she had her own tree

Chichen Itza- Home of the Mayans

English: The Chac Mool status on top of the Te...

Chac Mool on top of the TempleThe Platform at Chichen Itza, Mexico

This image was selected as a picture of the we...
Chichen Itza, Mexico

When I visited Mexico

I went to Chichen Itza by bus

In the hot sun with my friend Madonna

Although the bus was air conditioned

It was still too warm for me

The guide was very informative

And at times brash if you asked a question

She had many artifacts for us to examine

She got us interested in buying from a silver company

That she worked for part-time

Some people went swimming instead

When we arrived at the Mayan ruins

It was very humid and scorching

We looked at all the steps to the top

And had a photo taken in front of it

Years ago people fell down all those steps

And ambulances waited at the bottom

Now no one is allowed to climb up

I got bitten by a brown recluse spider

And didn’t know it, as I was sitting under a tree

I was happy to return to the Serenis Resort

To jump in the pool and chill

La Iglesia, Chichen Itza, Yucatan

La Iglesia, Yucatan, Mexico