The Last Day of the Year

Happy new year

It is funny as I’m sitting here at one in the morning

thinking about my childhood endings to the years

and I can’t recall a single one that was that memorable

I’m sure we must have had some kind of celebrations

but could it be that these were  not such a big deal back then?

Or is it that I’m losing my memory and there are

details that I have forgotten about because they were not that unusual?

Or could it be that I went to bed early and did not care

to see what the adults were doing in their get togethers?



Walking Against The Wind

I stayed at home Contented and warm

The wind was high today in our tiny outport

Snow showers were brisk at times

Their eyes were smarting upon return

Three brave souls faced the elements

Bring it on,Mother Nature, we can take it

Our bodies standing strong in the barren landscape

No one could believe that visitors would venture out

Only muscled well nourished beings with courage

Showing the rest of us another way

My Friend Clarence

I met him at a dance

and we danced to Blue Suede Shoes

that was when he had two healthy legs

His life was impaired greatly by the

irresponsibility of a drunken driver

He lost one leg and the other was

not as it had been before the accident

He suffered greatly but I will always

remember his love of music and friends

He visited St.Shotts and wondered why

everyone we met waved at us

He helped a lot of people who needed it

and he left this world without a will

His sisters called me when he died

and I went to comfort them

He was a treasured son and brother and uncle

and most of all he was a good friend to all he met

time is passing as we speak

English: Water and Fire - passing through time...

that second I experienced not that long ago

is now history and I am aging as I write

I have not done anything heroic in my life

but I have lived a good life, loving the people in my life

I have not done everything perfectly but I have

done my best and sometimes I’ve not done much

I have been happy with my work and my play

and although time is passing I am enough

I will continue to learn how to do some tasks

and I will forget about others

I will exist on some level a lone entity

with many other lone entities around me

I will realize that energy is all around me

and in me and I can help improve the quality of my life

the ideas that crowd your brain at 3:22 a.m.

My Soul to Keep

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some nights it is not so easy to fall asleep

others you’d think someone was stomping on you

and putting you in a stupor and you die

perhaps your soul wanders around on those

nights and is happy with all the souls gone before

why is it that we fill our heads with

everything that is past and should

be kept there forever more

some people believe that our  souls are free to roam

when we sleep and that is why our dreams seem so real

here I sit watching a movie I don’t really want to see

thinking about my soul and some others as well

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Sleepyhead Images

I want to sleep but thoughts are swirling around in my head

of the past with images I can’t remember at all

but they get me up out of my bed

The past is past and the present is good

with love in your heart images do not

have the same effect as you think they should

I tossed and turned but not being one to put things off

I jump out of bed to tell the truth as

I have lived it over decades and it’s enough

Swirling thoughts

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