Leave the Stress Behind

Smiling Faces

Smiling Faces (Photo credit: Travis S.)

Don’t grit your teeth

or clench your jaw

You need to leave it

all behind

No tensed up abs

or jittery hands

Forget about the

frowning face

Whether you smile

or laugh outloud

Sweep your worries

under the rug

And have fun like

you’ve never had before!



Silver Dollars

Canadian Silver Dollar. 1911

Canadian Silver Dollar. 1911 (Photo credit: Astro Guy)

I gave them silver dollars

all my little students

and they loved the coins

and called me the Silver Dollar Teacher

It was fun to go to the bank

and get the dollars, shiny and new

making the children smile

Canadian Silver Dollar & Fifty Cent Piece
Canadian Silver Dollar & Fifty Cent Piece (Photo credit: Larry He’s So Fine)

when they saw the big coins


Tawny Eagle (Aquila rapax)

Eagle (Photo credit: Moosealope)

is for the birds!

Fly away and see the world

Empty bank coffers and travel afar

Downsize your home and live simply

Eat healthy foods and extend your life

Make new friends wherever you go

Soar high like the eagles!

Sleepless in Torbay!

Sleepless (Peter Wolf album)

Once in a while it’s hard to get your mind turned off

and you are stuck listening to every truck or car going down the road

plus watching shows that you really don’t want to see on tv


There may be lots of housework you could do

but leaving the couch is more work than you want

when everyone else seems to be sleeping except you!


Thoughts are rampant and eyes open wide

as you wonder if there is a creature in some parallel universe

examining the thoughts of an earthling who wants to sleep!


Turning Off The Phone,TV and Computer


Just think for one day

could you live without knowing

the news of your town or country or world?


Do you really need to be stressed with

accidents that happen to people you don’t know

and make you feel miserable that someone died?



facebook (Photo credit: sitmonkeysupreme)

Are you living your life depending on the

television and the internet to fill your mind

with so many details and information that is unrelated to you?


If you are checking your Facebook, blog or Twitter accounts

and don’t move your body, are you thinking about

your one thousand friends’ news or your own life?



I met a woman the other day and she said she lived in the forest for six years, in a shack.  She had no phone or tv or computer. She brought some books with her and these were her entertainment, when she desired any.  I just got to thinking and wondered….what would it be like to turn off all our phones, televisions and computers for just one day?


The Little Black Dress

Little Black Dress

Every woman wants a little black dress

because it makes her look slim and trim

It is a classic piece of a wardrobe

that can be used on trips South or on cruises

It can be dressed up or down with a

fancy scarf or piece of jewelry

It is a long lasting piece and a

great investment as clothes go

“Little Black Dress” coined by Coco Chanel in 1926

Weather Forecasts

If I could turn off the television

and never have to hear another

weather forecast I would survive!

I think about when I was young

and we didn’t know what the

weather would be like from one day  to another

I would like to just accept what is coming

without the constant chatter about wind warnings

and snowfall warnings on the Weather Network

I agree that it must be interesting for meteorologists

who study the gulf stream and the ocean currents

and each day give these dire notices about impending storms

It is necessary for certain occupations who could not survive

without knowing the strength of the winds or hurricane and tsunami

predictions to keep people safe

But for me, I’d like to turn off radios and televisions

and let those who need the forecasts listen to them

and keep me safe when I need protection from the elements

The Weather Network