Quality Street Candy

Sugar Daddy (candy)
Who remembers the Sugar Daddy?

Who can remember the sugar daddy?

That’s a long time ago I first ate these candy

Now we have the Quality Street candy

and do those yummy treats tempt poor me!

Hide them away, please!

I just can’t resist when I see the can and

I like them all of them brightly wrapped candy

with a glass of my favorite pop

which I shouldn’t drink at any time

as the sugar will kill me

Sugar on top of more sugar

Cancer will love me so full of sugar

and my immune system will give up

God, if someone would take them away

I could go to bed happy and healthy!

Why is it that all the foods we shouldn’t eat

taste so good and are so bad for us?

I’m glad they are only bought

at this festive time of year

If they were displayed and purchased all year round

I’d weigh a ton or be cold six feet underground!

Quality Street ®

Temptation wrapped so brightly



Any Mummers Allowed In?

English: Mummers on Stamford High Street. Ente...
English Mummers

Tap, tap, tap go the knuckles

 on the main door of my house!

Any mummers allowed in here?

someone shouts, and the rest giggle

In they traipse in all kinds of getups

bras on the men and girdles on some

with ugly sticks in their hands

A few drinks are shared with the group

and some toe tapping Irish music is turned on

and boy, do they step er out in the middle of the floor!

The guessing goes on the whole time

the feeling to figure out if he’s a she or

she’s a he and arms get smacked to protest

The laughter and fun continue until

pillowcases or masks are unveiled and

the drinks are finished-time to move on!

Are you coming with us? someone says

and off I go to get ready in my husband’s gear

that’s been ready since the phone call earlier

Tap, tap, tap! at the next neighbour’s door

“Any mummers allowed in?” I shout and in we go!




Pot of Gold Chocolates

A Russell Stover caramels and chews assortment...

Chocolates That Look So Good

It is a tradition in our home

that my husband gives me

a box of Pot of Gold every Christmas Eve

I eat all the caramels first

and I try to eat them slowly

while watching the Christmas Carol

After all the square ones are gone

I turn on the nuts(must be nuts, I guess)

and savour each one of these

I feel a little greedy eating

the whole box all by myself

although I do share one or two with hubby

The next morning we open our gifts

while my mouth and stomach wish

I had decided to eat only half of my favorites

Last year they changed the selection

and the caramels and nuts were fewer

but I still managed to stuff myself with too many

I’m promising myself that today

that I will treat myself better  and

eat only a half dozen and leave more for tomorrow!

I will have to wait and see as who knows

English: Pot of Gold Rainbow over Hazelgrove Farm

Image via Wikipedia

what thoughts I will have once mass is over

and I’m sitting pretty watching my favorite old movie?

What does Santa put in children’s stockings today?

Stockings on a fireplace mantel.

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We were warned that we would

get coal if we were naughty

or  rabbits’ buttons!

Back then we got very little

but it still made us happy

Socks were not tightly full

of hard candy, grapes wrapped in brown paper

We cherished each mouthful

we slowly chewed or sucked on

Some nuts, an apple and orange

and if we were really lucky a chocolate bar

We’d open our stockings quickly

and peer inside, then remove one item at a time

In later years we got a can of pop too

and boy, were we happy with that drink!

I wonder what Santa Clause puts in stocking today

all hung up around the propane or wood fireplaces

Ipads and iphones and Turtles or Quality Street

Blackberries and laptops and Wii s-all such coveted items?

Once a ten year old told me he got a ski-doo

with all the gear to keep him warm

But you can’t put that in a stocking that

is only 40 cm long and 20 cm wide!

I am going to keep wondering until I find out

what  Santa Clause puts in children’s stockings today.

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