Children Must Wonder

Happy Children Playing Kids

Innocent Looking Children Having Fun

Living life with an open mind

seeing it with a childlike wonder

and feeling they can handle

anything that comes their way

alone or with the help of others

Living in a world that has

both good and evil living side by side

neighbours not always getting along

streets where violence and gangs exist

countries that fight against each other

Living where parents don’t always agree

brothers and sisters pitted against each other

children brought into the world unwanted

homes needed for battered women

food stamps and food banks required

Living where innocence is lost

when children’s brains develop differently

some do not get hugs and guidance

basic needs are neglected by others

children must wonder why is this happening to us

LG office passes out groceries with Second Har...

Food Banks Help Many Families


In Memory of Dana Bradley

A young girl aged 14

too young to die so soon

Interlaced love hearts

Hearts Forever Entwined

Her story in the St. John’s

weekend paper called

The Telegram

30 years gone from her family

and still no arrest

no justice for her or them

Her family must

grieve each year

for one they loved so

We all mourn with them

for their little girl

who never came home

And the criminal who

is still out there

perhaps enjoying this season

The juxtaposition of it all

for those who are good people

to have a child taken by such evil

May  God bless the loved ones

of Dana who had to go on without her

when their hearts must ache at this time of year

I Love My New iPad2


iPad2 by Apple

It was a gift from my husband

who knows how much I love

the latest gadgets, bells and whistles

I hooked it up today

after I ate my delicious

meal of turkey and veggies

First I was lost and thought

the password was the 7 digit/letter one

but discovered it is the pass code

Soon I was in downloading

free books from ibooks

and checking out the YouTube videos

Fear is often the killer

for people my age when it comes

to technology that kids find so easy

Now I’m all settled away 

with books and stories

to keep me busy the 12 days of Christmas!


The Soul Is Still Here

Our Lady of Fatima Statue at Conyers, GA, USA

English: Nativity scene


The tv reporter said

“The soul is gone out of

this place today!”

But I witnessed happy

people who enjoyed their

Christmas church service

in a community hall

And the same spirit

still existed in the smiles

and camaraderie all around

The grandchildren were there

held close in arms that love

and eyes that smile upon them

The singers and musicians

gave it their all in hymns that

have been passed down for centuries

The parishioners and priest were

jovial and energetic after

such a trying day the day before

How can anyone say because a

building burns to the ground

that the soul had gone?



Any Mummers Allowed In?

English: Mummers on Stamford High Street. Ente...
English Mummers

Tap, tap, tap go the knuckles

 on the main door of my house!

Any mummers allowed in here?

someone shouts, and the rest giggle

In they traipse in all kinds of getups

bras on the men and girdles on some

with ugly sticks in their hands

A few drinks are shared with the group

and some toe tapping Irish music is turned on

and boy, do they step er out in the middle of the floor!

The guessing goes on the whole time

the feeling to figure out if he’s a she or

she’s a he and arms get smacked to protest

The laughter and fun continue until

pillowcases or masks are unveiled and

the drinks are finished-time to move on!

Are you coming with us? someone says

and off I go to get ready in my husband’s gear

that’s been ready since the phone call earlier

Tap, tap, tap! at the next neighbour’s door

“Any mummers allowed in?” I shout and in we go!



Merry Christmas From My Heart To Yours!


Merry greetings to you, one and all!

Every time you look at your tree, you will recall all the past Christmases

Glattzentrum in Wallisellen ( )

A Tall Christmas Tree

Rise above the hustle and bustle of shopping malls

Readjust your thinking to believe in you and your family

Yesterday is gone, live for the moment

Cheer up, smile and go visit a shut-in or a friend

Have some time to dance and listen to favorite Christmas carols

 Reminders of occasions you’ve spent with loved ones

Inside on Christmas morning  relax with your children and spouse/friends

Send emails and cards to friends who are away

Take note of all you have to be grateful for in your life

Christmas decoration at a shopping mall in Brazil

Christmas in Brazil


Make some special


treats-cookies and cakes- to enjoy at home


Ask what you can do to ease someone’s suffering

Say a prayer of thanks for each of your blessings, your food, your home, your family and friends!

English: merry christmas

Enjoy your holidays-Don't drink and drive!