Chichen Itza- Home of the Mayans

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Chac Mool on top of the TempleThe Platform at Chichen Itza, Mexico

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Chichen Itza, Mexico

When I visited Mexico

I went to Chichen Itza by bus

In the hot sun with my friend Madonna

Although the bus was air conditioned

It was still too warm for me

The guide was very informative

And at times brash if you asked a question

She had many artifacts for us to examine

She got us interested in buying from a silver company

That she worked for part-time

Some people went swimming instead

When we arrived at the Mayan ruins

It was very humid and scorching

We looked at all the steps to the top

And had a photo taken in front of it

Years ago people fell down all those steps

And ambulances waited at the bottom

Now no one is allowed to climb up

I got bitten by a brown recluse spider

And didn’t know it, as I was sitting under a tree

I was happy to return to the Serenis Resort

To jump in the pool and chill

La Iglesia, Chichen Itza, Yucatan

La Iglesia, Yucatan, Mexico


2 responses to “Chichen Itza- Home of the Mayans

  1. It is amazing to think that many centuries ago civilizations were walking our planet before us. It looks to me that there were bigger civilizations than we thought. If that’s the case then they must were more advanced than we actually know about them. More discoveries will let us know them better.

    I want to share with you this music about the mystical place Chichen-Itza. The message of that music is about a CHANGE all humans must do in order to live in peace and harmony. Maybe that’s the message ancient civilizations wanted us to know.

    Arriving at Chichen-Itza 2012

    In Lak’Ech. Peace from Mexico.

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