Dull Days Delight

There is something about a dull day

all grey and serene that makes me move

While the sunny days make me go too fast

and often be a little careless

The dull days egg me on to make something better

to brighten up my home and my friends’ outlooks

It’s like the opposite effect from what you’d expect

no lying around dead as a door knob or sleeping too long

I’m more alert when the world seems serene

and a book or a movie just won’t suffice

I need to get going before the day wanes away

and I can’t get it back!

The beach on Christmas Day, Aberdaron Taken at...


Dreaded Dental Visit

I have to say

I’m not that happy today

even though my trip to the dentist went okay

He seemed amazed to see

my mouthful of fillings that are part of me

have no obvious cavity

No flossing at all

takes my time or makes me stall

but the scraping of metal against my teeth nearly makes me ball

Each trip to my dentist makes me vow

that this time I’ll floss and I’ll really learn how

to eat good grub

Dental floss

and drink healthy fluids as my finances allow


The Tiny Tartan Skirt

Postage stamp of Newfoundland, 1928. Steamship...

I visited Shamrock City for the umpteenth time

and noticed the servers wearing my old tartan skirt

the cloth slight against their tiny hips and legs

bringing back memories of the years of wearing the mini skirts

with the nuns breathing down our necks each day of high school

checking to see if the length needed attention

Often the skirts would be coupled with yellow shirts

or tartan vests and a yellow turtleneck

more clothes at the top than at the bottom

with penny loafers on my feet and nylons on my legs

the fashionable fare of our lives at St. Francis Xavier in Deer Lake

hoping that lustful young men could contain their desires

leaving us to admire ourselves in mirrors and before the watchful eyes

The past is now the present and these young girls are hoping for tips

and the owners are feeling proud of their heritage having their workers so dressed

images of a slim me smiling as I comb my long hair getting ready for the day

walking quickly towards my future with fashionable or skimpy clothing

wondering who is their right mind had decided on Newfoundland tartan

for I’m sure the Presentation Sisters did not come up with the mini skirt

making their days miserable having to keep them measured to help us keep our chastity

with the smirks of all the brazen lot of us lined up and a yard stick not far from our knees