Walking the Camino

It is a gruelling journey
you push past all limits
you tire so often every day
your fears are pushed to the shadows
the exhaustion takes away the doubts

Three dogs bark up ahead on the trail
and you bang your walking sticks down as hard as you can
you talk to yourself ‘Just come near me, I’m invincible’
and your dreams are gone to somewhere you can’t find
the nights are for healing and rest, not for dreaming

That man coming towards you with a tall shadow and pack
he might rob you or rape you or assault you in another way
and the only weapons you have are your mind and your sticks
but your mind is set on Santiago and the incense burner
and mass with holy people all around, including you in the circle


My Humorous Book About The Camino

Yes, I’m writing a book about my month walking the camino de Santiago. And I need your help!

A title needs to be catchy…and if you know me it has to be funny. Which do you like? Vote by leaving me your favorite.

1. I lost my double chin on the camino

2. I hate hills! But I love the camino!

3. Walking the camino is for the birds…and ME!

4. How much farther to the next town?

5. Why did I decide to walk the camino? Will someone please tell me?

My Mind is Running Wild on the Camino de Santiago

It really amazes me how my plans to walk the camino in Northern Spain

have changed my life in so many ways.

I’ve joined a gym and started learning zumba

and my muscles are tightening up and the fat is decreasing.

I’ve met a lady who is going to teach me Spanish so that I

can enjoy talking to the locals in Northern Spain.

I’ve been reading books about the camino experience of others and

I’ve watched The Way and many videos on youtube to help me understand the trail.

So whether I ever get to walk the 800 km or not

in my mind I’m already there in so many ways that matter.

Map of the way of St James In Europe

Map of the way of St James In Europe

Callum, Little Dove

You sleep so peacefully , little one

Your hands clenched as if ready for battle

What are your dreams?

Do you fight off monsters as you nap?

Are faces of mommy and daddy there in your thoughts

Rest easy, tiny one, for your body is growing each second

Your parents watch your little twitches and have big dreams for you as you sleep

Dull Days Delight

There is something about a dull day

all grey and serene that makes me move

While the sunny days make me go too fast

and often be a little careless

The dull days egg me on to make something better

to brighten up my home and my friends’ outlooks

It’s like the opposite effect from what you’d expect

no lying around dead as a door knob or sleeping too long

I’m more alert when the world seems serene

and a book or a movie just won’t suffice

I need to get going before the day wanes away

and I can’t get it back!

The beach on Christmas Day, Aberdaron Taken at...

Dreaded Dental Visit

I have to say

I’m not that happy today

even though my trip to the dentist went okay

He seemed amazed to see

my mouthful of fillings that are part of me

have no obvious cavity

No flossing at all

takes my time or makes me stall

but the scraping of metal against my teeth nearly makes me ball

Each trip to my dentist makes me vow

that this time I’ll floss and I’ll really learn how

to eat good grub

Dental floss

and drink healthy fluids as my finances allow