Sleepless in Torbay!

Sleepless (Peter Wolf album)

Once in a while it’s hard to get your mind turned off

and you are stuck listening to every truck or car going down the road

plus watching shows that you really don’t want to see on tv


There may be lots of housework you could do

but leaving the couch is more work than you want

when everyone else seems to be sleeping except you!


Thoughts are rampant and eyes open wide

as you wonder if there is a creature in some parallel universe

examining the thoughts of an earthling who wants to sleep!



Weather Forecasts

If I could turn off the television

and never have to hear another

weather forecast I would survive!

I think about when I was young

and we didn’t know what the

weather would be like from one day  to another

I would like to just accept what is coming

without the constant chatter about wind warnings

and snowfall warnings on the Weather Network

I agree that it must be interesting for meteorologists

who study the gulf stream and the ocean currents

and each day give these dire notices about impending storms

It is necessary for certain occupations who could not survive

without knowing the strength of the winds or hurricane and tsunami

predictions to keep people safe

But for me, I’d like to turn off radios and televisions

and let those who need the forecasts listen to them

and keep me safe when I need protection from the elements

The Weather Network

Children Must Wonder

Happy Children Playing Kids

Innocent Looking Children Having Fun

Living life with an open mind

seeing it with a childlike wonder

and feeling they can handle

anything that comes their way

alone or with the help of others

Living in a world that has

both good and evil living side by side

neighbours not always getting along

streets where violence and gangs exist

countries that fight against each other

Living where parents don’t always agree

brothers and sisters pitted against each other

children brought into the world unwanted

homes needed for battered women

food stamps and food banks required

Living where innocence is lost

when children’s brains develop differently

some do not get hugs and guidance

basic needs are neglected by others

children must wonder why is this happening to us

LG office passes out groceries with Second Har...

Food Banks Help Many Families

Peace To You and Peace To Me

She stood proudly by her tree

that was planted to remember

She put her fingers up to say

Peace She Says To All of Us

peace to everyone-to you and me

As she stood lovingly with her little sister

she looked around to see me

I took her picture to remember

this house, this time and Kerissa with her tree

Her little sister wanted to take ownership,too

but she was reminded that she had her own tree

I planted this tree, she seemed to say!

My youngest granddaughter loved

to show off her tree

It was one of the trees

Hold on tight, Lexie Loo!

that was bought to plant at the new house

She held it while daddy piled

all the soil around it

She showed me proudly

that it was hers to grow in the sun

That image of Lexie will stay

etched in my memory

Innocence of a Child

When I look into the face of my

Little Sierra Mary

dear little granddaughter who

has her great-grandmother’s name Mary

as a middle name, I see such innocence

She is a beautiful child who basks in

all the love all around her each day

She seeks out fun and laughter like

any other child I know

In the midst of hours of play  she has fun

with her cousins and sisters and friends

She is her parents’ and grandparents’

pride and joy-her smile lights up their lives


Pot of Gold Chocolates

A Russell Stover caramels and chews assortment...

Chocolates That Look So Good

It is a tradition in our home

that my husband gives me

a box of Pot of Gold every Christmas Eve

I eat all the caramels first

and I try to eat them slowly

while watching the Christmas Carol

After all the square ones are gone

I turn on the nuts(must be nuts, I guess)

and savour each one of these

I feel a little greedy eating

the whole box all by myself

although I do share one or two with hubby

The next morning we open our gifts

while my mouth and stomach wish

I had decided to eat only half of my favorites

Last year they changed the selection

and the caramels and nuts were fewer

but I still managed to stuff myself with too many

I’m promising myself that today

that I will treat myself better  and

eat only a half dozen and leave more for tomorrow!

I will have to wait and see as who knows

English: Pot of Gold Rainbow over Hazelgrove Farm

Image via Wikipedia

what thoughts I will have once mass is over

and I’m sitting pretty watching my favorite old movie?