Any Mummers Allowed In?

English: Mummers on Stamford High Street. Ente...
English Mummers

Tap, tap, tap go the knuckles

 on the main door of my house!

Any mummers allowed in here?

someone shouts, and the rest giggle

In they traipse in all kinds of getups

bras on the men and girdles on some

with ugly sticks in their hands

A few drinks are shared with the group

and some toe tapping Irish music is turned on

and boy, do they step er out in the middle of the floor!

The guessing goes on the whole time

the feeling to figure out if he’s a she or

she’s a he and arms get smacked to protest

The laughter and fun continue until

pillowcases or masks are unveiled and

the drinks are finished-time to move on!

Are you coming with us? someone says

and off I go to get ready in my husband’s gear

that’s been ready since the phone call earlier

Tap, tap, tap! at the next neighbour’s door

“Any mummers allowed in?” I shout and in we go!




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