Mount Athos -Closer to God!

Monastery of St. Panteleimon, Mount Athos, Greece
A monastery on Mount Athos
English: Monastery Xenophontos on Athos
Monastery near Mount Athos

I never knew it existed until last night

I was watching it on 60 Minutes

Newsmakers have not been given permission to visit since 1981 until now

The monks believe they are closest to God here reading holy books and praying

They chant Lord Jesus, have mercy on me and they believe in prayer without distractions

They spend eight hours conversing with God each day

and spend only three hours sleeping

Their whole aim in life is to become closer to the Almighty

For a thousand years monks and pilgrims have come

to the monastery near the Aegean with St. Simon as its founder

It is built on rock and people are amazed that it hasn’t fallen into the sea

Men who want to stay there for life have three years to prove themselves

They can never leave and they must let go of memories of  their past life

They pray St. Paul‘s prayer, the Jesus Prayer repeatedly

There are no newspapers or radios and few telephones

At 3 a.m. a bell rings to call them to start praying in the church

The monks eat two meals, each only ten minutes long

It takes only fifteen minutes to tour the monastery quickly

It has secret places where holy artifacts are kept under many keys and no one has all four of them

The monks do not consider the items holy relics or art-just part of their holy environment

The monastery was built to honor Mary, the mother of Christ and no other woman is allowed

The Germans wanted the rare paintings and other items but the lead monk intervened

It is a horrendous trip to get to the monasteries, which are all along the cliffs

There are many footpaths to be kept cleared and food is harvested there by monks

While they work the monks chant prayers to Jesus Christ nonstop

Contour map of the Aegean, with names

Map of the Aegean with place names

Credit to 60 Minutes for all the details about Mount Athos which so intrigued and inspired me

Excellent site about Mount Athos

Wikipedia write-up about Mount Athos


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