Turning Off The Phone,TV and Computer


Just think for one day

could you live without knowing

the news of your town or country or world?


Do you really need to be stressed with

accidents that happen to people you don’t know

and make you feel miserable that someone died?



facebook (Photo credit: sitmonkeysupreme)

Are you living your life depending on the

television and the internet to fill your mind

with so many details and information that is unrelated to you?


If you are checking your Facebook, blog or Twitter accounts

and don’t move your body, are you thinking about

your one thousand friends’ news or your own life?



I met a woman the other day and she said she lived in the forest for six years, in a shack.  She had no phone or tv or computer. She brought some books with her and these were her entertainment, when she desired any.  I just got to thinking and wondered….what would it be like to turn off all our phones, televisions and computers for just one day?



2 responses to “Turning Off The Phone,TV and Computer

  1. I spent three weeks without my phone last summer. It was liberating! I was connected to no one, yet everyone could still contact me (via a landline) if they really needed to. It was at first difficult to not text message others or have instant access to email, facebook, etc… However, after a few days, I felt so relaxed and loved not being so connected to the internet!

    • i might soon give up my Blackberry. I could go on a vacation with money saved from one year. I text only two people. I have Fab Five and to get Fab 10 it would cost 60 dollars plus per month. I hardly use the data as I once did. Life is going to get simpler!

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