Making Funny Faces

en: Justine Ezarik making funny faces. origina...
One funny face

Who could ever doubt that making funny faces

is one of the most fun things you can do

especially with your small children or

grandchildren who are visiting you?

We visited the Rooms and then we went to

Moo Moos where we bought a single cone

which was the biggest ice cream I’d ever seen

Then when we got tired of licking and the sweetness

got too much, we dilly dallied for a while and made

the funny faces and I took photos of each person

It was so much fun making those funny faces

and the oldest granddaughter couldn’t help herself

she had to make bunny ears stick up behind her sister’s head

And then when the middle one saw the photo on my camera

she said she didn’t know that her older sister had put her fingers

up to make bunny ears just at the time I took the photo

Nathan making some funny faces at the Lake

Those funny faces were remarkable as the camera

captured the images that would always remind us of

all the fun we had trying to finish off those ice cream cones

It's the picture of Italian ice-cream in a sho...

Various kinds of ice cream


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