Brown Recluse Spider

I spent a week on the Mayan Riveria

at a resort called Sirenis

I visited Chichen Itza one day

and got a bite

I didn’t know what it was

that took at chunk out of my leg

First it turned red and then dark purple

and my friend wondered what it was

It was scary looking, about the size around of a plum

and so dark purple that I couldn’t wait to return home

I went to my doctor as soon as I was in the city

and she looked up all the insects in Mexico

It seems like the brown recluse was the only

one she found that had the same purple reaction or worse

I was not afraid and my immune system was strong

I did not lose my leg or have a huge scar for life

Most of all it did not scare me enough to keep me

from travelling to all the places I want to visit

English: brown recluse as compared to a U.S.A....

A Brown Recluse Spider

English: 4 mo. after a brown recluse spider bi...

4 Months after someone was bitten by a brown recluse spider


One response to “Brown Recluse Spider

  1. Bites from the brown spider, the recluse, can be painful in those cases where the bite is not dry – and an envenomation takes place. It can be difficult to identify a brown recluse spider from many other brown spiders if you don’t know the special characteristics of brown recluse spiders. Source:

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