What can we make of our lives in a new year?

Do we not have free will to do whatever pleases us?

Is this not what gets us in a lot of trouble?

We have too much time to think and too much freedom to do anything we want

Instead of considering what is the right thing to do for us and our world,

we are selfish and think how is this best for me?

Our world is troubled and we need to take account of our actions and thoughts.

Who can say what is right for anyone else, although many try to do just that?

Who can make decisions for anyone else, son or daughter, mother or father?

We do our best with the intellect and reasoning we’ve been given.

Who knows where it will lead us? We try as best we can and hope we’ve made the right decisions.

Let us consider what we can we do to help our neighbours?

Let us think  how we can help our families and friends.

And if it is in our capacity to help, let us do it and not waver.

The world is our oyster and we can consider ourselves bountiful.

Our blessings are many if we count them without thinking about past mistakes.

We are only human after all and to make mistakes

  is part of being human .
Free Will

Sailing on a calm day


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