Quality Street Candy

Sugar Daddy (candy)
Who remembers the Sugar Daddy?

Who can remember the sugar daddy?

That’s a long time ago I first ate these candy

Now we have the Quality Street candy

and do those yummy treats tempt poor me!

Hide them away, please!

I just can’t resist when I see the can and

I like them all of them brightly wrapped candy

with a glass of my favorite pop

which I shouldn’t drink at any time

as the sugar will kill me

Sugar on top of more sugar

Cancer will love me so full of sugar

and my immune system will give up

God, if someone would take them away

I could go to bed happy and healthy!

Why is it that all the foods we shouldn’t eat

taste so good and are so bad for us?

I’m glad they are only bought

at this festive time of year

If they were displayed and purchased all year round

I’d weigh a ton or be cold six feet underground!

Quality Street ®

Temptation wrapped so brightly



2 responses to “Quality Street Candy

  1. I do remember sugar daddies, Pauline , but they haven’t come to my mind in years. And I also remember Eat More bars. Remember them. I don’t think there is anything made that resembles them.

  2. I love Eat More bars. Our instructor has Quality Street candy at our dance class every night. They are just so hard to resist.

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