Pot of Gold Chocolates

A Russell Stover caramels and chews assortment...

Chocolates That Look So Good

It is a tradition in our home

that my husband gives me

a box of Pot of Gold every Christmas Eve

I eat all the caramels first

and I try to eat them slowly

while watching the Christmas Carol

After all the square ones are gone

I turn on the nuts(must be nuts, I guess)

and savour each one of these

I feel a little greedy eating

the whole box all by myself

although I do share one or two with hubby

The next morning we open our gifts

while my mouth and stomach wish

I had decided to eat only half of my favorites

Last year they changed the selection

and the caramels and nuts were fewer

but I still managed to stuff myself with too many

I’m promising myself that today

that I will treat myself better  and

eat only a half dozen and leave more for tomorrow!

I will have to wait and see as who knows

English: Pot of Gold Rainbow over Hazelgrove Farm

Image via Wikipedia

what thoughts I will have once mass is over

and I’m sitting pretty watching my favorite old movie?


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