Merry Christmas From My Heart To Yours!


Merry greetings to you, one and all!

Every time you look at your tree, you will recall all the past Christmases

Glattzentrum in Wallisellen ( )

A Tall Christmas Tree

Rise above the hustle and bustle of shopping malls

Readjust your thinking to believe in you and your family

Yesterday is gone, live for the moment

Cheer up, smile and go visit a shut-in or a friend

Have some time to dance and listen to favorite Christmas carols

 Reminders of occasions you’ve spent with loved ones

Inside on Christmas morning  relax with your children and spouse/friends

Send emails and cards to friends who are away

Take note of all you have to be grateful for in your life

Christmas decoration at a shopping mall in Brazil

Christmas in Brazil


Make some special


treats-cookies and cakes- to enjoy at home


Ask what you can do to ease someone’s suffering

Say a prayer of thanks for each of your blessings, your food, your home, your family and friends!

English: merry christmas

Enjoy your holidays-Don't drink and drive!



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