What does Santa put in children’s stockings today?

Stockings on a fireplace mantel.

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We were warned that we would

get coal if we were naughty

or  rabbits’ buttons!

Back then we got very little

but it still made us happy

Socks were not tightly full

of hard candy, grapes wrapped in brown paper

We cherished each mouthful

we slowly chewed or sucked on

Some nuts, an apple and orange

and if we were really lucky a chocolate bar

We’d open our stockings quickly

and peer inside, then remove one item at a time

In later years we got a can of pop too

and boy, were we happy with that drink!

I wonder what Santa Clause puts in stocking today

all hung up around the propane or wood fireplaces

Ipads and iphones and Turtles or Quality Street

Blackberries and laptops and Wii s-all such coveted items?

Once a ten year old told me he got a ski-doo

with all the gear to keep him warm

But you can’t put that in a stocking that

is only 40 cm long and 20 cm wide!

I am going to keep wondering until I find out

what  Santa Clause puts in children’s stockings today.

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2 responses to “What does Santa put in children’s stockings today?

  1. I’ve been struggling with this one. We have an 18 month old and she’s not going to remember of care if the toy etc came from the stocking or not. BUT, with that we bought her a book, colouring book and crayons and new socks. Just keeping it simple.

  2. It is nice when they are that age and they accept everything with such joy. Really why do parents need to rush out and buy expensive items when a child would be happy with blocks and spin tops? Mostly children need to know love, and that is what really counts. Spend time with a child and let him/her feel loved. Merry Christmas to you and your family! Thanks for reading and commenting.

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