Christmas Cards

The world's first commercially produced Christ...

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I love getting Christmas cards from

people I haven’t seen in quite some time

Going to the post office and bringing

back brightly colored envelopes with cards inside

Opening the envelopes and getting that rush

to find out who sent the colorful card

Glancing at the signature at the bottom

as fast as is humanly possible

Finding some words of well wishes for peace and harmony

and earthly choirs of angels and singing greetings

Immersing oneself in images of brightly decorated trees

Nativity scenes. wisemen, Santas, snowmen and more

Laughing belly laughs about the humorous adult ones

that some friends find God knows where

Placing the coveted cards around my doorways

on table tops, between branches of my tree

Thanking my lucky stars that so many people

are thinking about us at this lovely time of year

Christmas cards with angels, scandinavian “nis...

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