Christmas Gifts Free of Charge or Cheaply

  • Offer to babysit for new parents
  • Make your own favorite cookies and present in your own recycled cans
  • Grow some of your own flowers
  • Make a fruit basket
  • Present your own jellies or jams
  • Visit someone in a hospital and spend an hour
  • Make a fun gift of homemade wine, a racy book and a pack of cards
  • Create your own Christmas cards
  • Buy some canvasses and fabric markers for nieces and nephews
  • Create a CD of favorite photos or songs
  • Write a poem for a friend or spouse
  • Take someone out to a movie with your own treats of chocolate and popcorn
  • Offer to do some chores for a friend
  • Pick up favorite books at flea markets and wrap in a yard of ribbon
  • Plan a pizza and movie night
  • Use your points to purchase items for family and friends
  • Surprise your neighbour with something you need to re-gift
  • Buy a favorite charm or gemstone on ebay

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